Saturday, May 19, 2018 wants me to pay BTC to use their site... Please tell me how?

Message im seeing:

Your IP address has previously been used for evil on this forum, or it is a known proxy/VPN/Tor exit node, so you are required to pay a small fee before you are able to post messages or send PMs. You can still use all of the read-only features without paying.

Your account contains 2.86 units of evil. To atone, you must pay a total of 0.00000806 bitcoins) (0.066$ ). Pay to the address 3Jwh5nojC6fbTQSZjBe2ZSDA672NJPeevM. Once you have paid the full amount, wait a few seconds and then reload this page. If the fee is so small that your wallet is unable to send it, you can send any larger amount, though you will not be refunded the difference.

Here is the screenshot

I have not done any "evil" activity on bitcointalk, i never posted on the site, and visited it maybe 2, or 3 times previously.

I would like to have account, and paying this small amount is not a problem, nevermind me not doing anything wrong, i just dont want to waste time on this.

Please tell me how can i pay this small amount. I have BTC on Binance, but the smallest amount possible to withdraw is 0.002 btc (16.53$).

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